Ovulation Induction (OI)

A common cause of female infertility, ovulation disorders are usually caused by an imbalance of hormones. These fall into two categories; those who fail to develop follicles and thus to ovulate, and those with polycystic ovaries who also do not ovulate.

Ovulation induction treatment, using either tablets or injections, causes the woman to release an egg and so have the chance of conceiving naturally. Timing of intercourse is therefore very important and monitoring is vital. This is carried out using ultrasound scans and also blood tests to check the hormone levels. The ultrasound scans will monitor the development of follicles and thereby reduce both the chance of a multiple pregnancy and also ovarian hyper stimulation. 

When the ovary is shown to contain a mature follicle, an injection is given to ensure the egg is released from the follicle. Dependent on the time of this final injection, couples are then advised regarding the best time to have intercourse.