Egg Share Programme

With limited NHS funding available for IVF, many couples with fertility problems are unable to afford the treatment they need. Similarly, for many years there has been a national shortage of donor eggs available to those women who cannot produce their own. Burton introduced their egg share scheme in an attempt to make IVF treatment more accessible and to also help those couples who need donor eggs for their treatment.

The minimum number of eggs for sharing is 8, maximising the chances of pregnancy for both the donor and the recipient.

The criteria for entry to the egg share scheme are:

  • to be aged between 18 and 35 years old
  • Not affected by polycystic ovarian syndrome 
  • to have an antral follicle count of 20 or more
  • to undergo counselling for implications
  • to have a body mass index of less than 30 (please telephone the Unit with your height and weight and we will calculate this for you)
  • to undertake routine screening tests  for CMV (igG and IgM) HIV, Hepatitis B and C, VDRL, Cystic fibrosis, Karyotype, Chlaamydia and Gonorhorrea 
  • to complete a genetic questionnaire in order to rule out the possibility of an inherited condition being passed on

All IVF treatment is FREE for the donating couple, however they will pay £600.00 to cover the cost of the drugs (unless their GP is able to pay for the drugs). There is a consultation fee of £185.00 which will be paid at the time of the egg share consultation. If however, you are found to be ineligible to join the scheme this will be refunded. There is a further payment of £280.00 for the semen analysis and HIV, Hepatitis B and C tests for the male partner. Screening tests for the egg provider, egg collection under general anaesthetic, IVF and embryo transfer, and counselling will be FREE of charge.

Any extra costs of ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), and surgical sperm recovery will be payable by the egg providing couple