The Most Successful Clinic in the Midlands

January 14, 2008

Latest HFEA figures released 7th December 2007 show NURTURE as the most successful clinic in the Midlands.

Staff at NURTURE, are celebrating after being named as one of the most successful fertility clinics in the country.

NURTURE came top in the Midlands and ninth in the country for live birth rates for woman under 35 using their own fresh eggs. The results represent IVF and ICSI (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection).

The figures published by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), for 2005, show the number of women undergoing fertility treatment continues to rise, as do success rates.

Clinical Director at NURTURE, Mr James Hopkisson, said, "I am delighted at these recently published success rates, it is a testament to the team approach and investment in fertility treatment that we have been able to achieve this. I look forward to seeing the up to date HFEA figures due out in the New Year for 2007, which I am confident will show an even greater improvement"

At NURTURE we are treating more patients with complex medical problems due to our position within one of the countries largest teaching hospitals that cannot safely be treated at some stand alone units. We are therefore very proud that NURTURE has remained in the top ten most successful units in the country in recent years. 

HFEA Release Results December 2007

Midlands Region (East and West)


Live Births Per Embryo Tranfer Below Age 35

NURTURE Nottingham 


St Jude's Women's Hospital 


Midland Fertility Services 


Leicester Fertility Centre 


CARE Nottingham


CARE Northampton


BMI Priory Hospital


Shropshire and Mid-Wales Fertility Centre


Birmingham Womens Hospital


Care for Reproductive Medicine, Coventry


Burton Hospitals NHS Trust