Reduced Waiting Times for Treatment with Donor Eggs

October 16, 2012

Currently the waiting list for treatment using donated eggs is now 0-3 months for CMV positive and 3-6 months for CMV negative recipents. Thanks to a very sucessful and ongoing recruitment campaign we now have Altruistic donors ready to start treatment straight away.

Heather Stringer Marketing Manager explains "Previously couples could expect to wait for up to two years for a donor and many women decide to have treatment abroad, which can be unregulated and expensive. Recent advertising on Capital Radio and billboards has generated a lot of interest and we are very grateful to all those women who have come forward to become donors. It is thanks to their kindness and generosity that many of our patients, some of whom have been waiting for a donor for a long time will finally get the chance of having a family of their own"

If you would like to know more about our egg donation programme please contact our reception on 0115 8961900 or email