Nurture Fertility introduces new egg freezing service

January 13, 2011

Women will now have the opportunity to have their eggs frozen and stored at Nurture. Egg freezing can be used to help couples or individuals who wish to preserve their fertility. There are many reasons to do this, both medical and social. Many women choose to freeze their eggs if they're about to undergo medical treatment which could affect their fertility, this includes chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Some women freeze their eggs so that they can have a family later in life, without worrying that the quality of their eggs has declined due to their age.

What does egg freezing treatment involve?

You will be given fertility drugs to stimulate your ovaries to produce more eggs than usual; during this time we will carefully monitor you to ensure your eggs development is normal. Once the eggs are ready we will retrieve them under a general anaesthetic or sedation.

How does the egg freezing process work?

The eggs are frozen using a specialised freezing technique called vitrification. once frozen your eggs would be stored in liquid nitrogen until you wish to use them.

How long can I store my frozen eggs?

The standard storage period for storing eggs is between 5 and 10 years.

Are there any risks for egg freezing?

There is a possibility that not all your eggs will survive the freeze-thaw process, all risks associated with this treatment will be discussed in detail with your consultant.

For more information on egg freezing , contact us on 0115 8961900