"Endometrial Scratching" - does this simple technique really double your chance of having a baby after IVF?

February 20, 2013

A simple treatment that can double your chances of having a baby after IVF? Sounds too good to be true surely! Well maybe, but recent evidence suggests that taking a small sample from the lining of the womb or 'endometrial scratching' can do just that. A Cochrane review, considered to be the highest level of research by the medical profession, published in 2012 summarised the currently available evidence on the subject and suggested that, the procedure doubled the chances of pregnancy and live birth after IVF treatment. The review, which was led by Mr Raine-Fenning our Director of Research, did stress that the evidence of benefit was restricted to women who had undergone previous unsuccessful IVF or ICSI cycles and that more work was required.

We are proud to say that Nurture Fertility is undertaking this work and has already started recruiting women to the 'Endoscratch Study'. The results of the review were so encouraging that our trial is actually open to all women undergoing IVF treatment including those in their very first cycle. The procedure, or 'scratch', involves taking a small sample from the lining of the womb before you commence your IVF cycle. The 'scratch' is thought to alter the lining of the womb, or 'endometrium', in a positive way making it easier for the embryo to attach and develop thus increasing your chances of the treatment working.

If you have any questions regarding the study or would like to participate, please do not hesitate to ask any member of the clinical team about the trial and how to get involved.  For more information about the Cochrane review and the clinical trial please click on the links below.