Endometrial Scratch 'Boosts' Live Birth Rate

October 7, 2013

Sky News reports on a new procedure that can increase clinical pregnancy rates.

A procedure called endometrial scratching significantly improves the clinical pregnancy rate - including the numbers of babies born - when performed just once in women who are undergoing assisted reproductive treatment, a study involving a University of Nottingham researcher has found.

Results from the clinical clinical trial, undertaken by a team of  Brazilian scientists in collaboration with Nurture's Dr Nick Raine-Fenning, demonstrate a significant benefit to the timing of endometrial scratching, reporting an increase in the clinical pregnancy rate of women undergoing IVF and ICSI treatment to 49%, compared with current average (29%).

Study co-author Dr Nick Raine-Fenning said " This is the first well-designed trial conducted into endometrial scratching and the results are promising. Other trials have provided anecdotal evidence, but these have been limited and many questioned the validity of the technique. We are now carrying out a follow up study in Nurture to provide further guidance into the use of endometrial scratching and early results are encouraging with pregnancy rates of up to 70%. Interestingly many of the other studies have reserved the 'scratch' for patients who have had one or more unsuccessful attempts at IVF. At Nurture we are offering the 'scratch' to everyone including those having their first cycle of IVF as we believe the benefits may extend to all patients."

More information is available from Dr Lukasz Polanski, Clinical Research Fellow at Nurture, on +44 (0)115

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