EmbryoGlue - Success for Marie and Paul Lander

February 21, 2013

The first patient to receive Embryoglue® as part of her treatment was 39-year-old Marie Lander of East Goscote, who gave birth to twins Niamh and Niall shown here following four years of trying for a baby with her husband Paul.

Lander Twins

Initially, they put their fertility problems down to Paul's previous vasectomy reversal which they feared had been unsuccessful. However, subsequent tests discounted this and doctors were not able to pinpoint precisely what was preventing Marie from conceiving.

After two IVF cycles - one using fresh embryos and another using frozen embryos stored from their first attempt - the couple were starting to lose heart.

Marie said: "Our instinct was that we had to give it another go but we had set my turning 40 as the cut off point. We wanted to feel like we were in control and to make that decision for ourselves otherwise when do you stop? It would be very easy to just go on and on and let it take over your lives. In addition, there was the cost consideration because we were paying for the treatment ourselves."

When Marie went in for an embryo transfer as part of another round of IVF in spring 2012, she was told that she had produced two top quality embryos - a grade A and a grade B - and that in order to give her the best possible chance of them implanting successfully they recommended trying Embryoglue®.

The transfer went well and was followed by the torturous process known by couples undergoing IVF as the Two Week Wait - the time they need to wait before taking the all-important pregnancy test to find out whether their treatment had been a success.

Marie added: "I was told not to test early but, of course, I did because this time I definitely felt different. I rushed home from work early one day, did the test and it was negative. It was hugely upsetting and I reacted badly, started talking about going travelling and working overseas with children in developing countries if I couldn't have any of my own.

"On the morning I was originally supposed to do my test I went in to NURTURE and thought it was going to be a formality but this time when I did the test it was positive. I'd gone in there thinking if it's not to be, it's not to be and then suddenly I was pregnant at last. I had an early scan and there they were straight away - two little heartbeats - we were stunned, I just couldn't believe it."

After a trouble-free pregnancy, twins Niamh and Niall were born at the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham on October 31st 2012, a little early but healthy and weighing in at 5lb 8oz and 4lb 9oz. Staff at QMC-based NURTURE were among the first visitors to pop in and wish the new family well.

Now enjoying all that life with two three-month-old babies brings, the couple certainly believe that Embryoglue® had a role to play in their happy outcome.  Marie added: "I'm convinced it played a part. Anything which could potentially give you a greater chance at success has got to be worth the chance."