EmbryoGlue - Improves Pregnancy Rates by 19%

February 19, 2013

Following the introduction of EmbryoGlue®, Nurture Fertility has seen a dramatic rise in pregnancy rates in women over the age of 34 who had previously had multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles.  Our 2012 results show a clinical pregnancy rate of 55% in day 5 transfers; this is an increase of 19% compared to the previous year.

Clinical Pregnancy rates over age 34 having a day 5 embryo transfer

  EmbryoGlue®Standard Transfer Medium

Clinical Pregnancy Rate in Patients with Multiple Failed Attempts



Implantation Rate




What is EmbryoGlue®?

EmbryoGlue® is a viscous solution containing high concentrations of the adherence compound hyaluronan.  Hyaluronan should be present naturally in the uterine fluid and around the time of implantation the concentration should rise rapidly.  Transferring embryos back to the uterus in EmbryoGlue® during an IVF cycle ensures this vital compound is present.

How does it work?

The embryos selected for transfer are transferred back to the uterine cavity along with a small amount of EmbryoGlue®.  The viscous nature of EmbryoGlue® along with the high concentration of hyaluronan help the embryo to attach and implant.

Who will benefit from using EmbryoGlue®

Our most recently published data clearly shows EmbryoGlue® is most beneficial in women   over the age of 34 who have had three of more previously failed IVF cycles. These women have achieved a clinical pregnancy rate of 55%. This is an increase of 19% in comparison to our 2011 data.

How much does it cost?

The cost of EmbryoGlue® is charged at £150.00 per treatment cycle.