Once you have been referred you will be sent an appointment to see one of our dedicated specialist. We advise having some tests done before this consultation as the results can then be discussed with you at your appointment. Key tests for us to personalise your treatment are an ultrasound scan and a blood test called Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH). These allow us to measure your "ovarian reserve".

We estimate how many follicles are growing each month by counting them on an ultra-sound scan. We can also estimate the number by measuring the level of AMH in your blood. AMH or Anti Mullerian Hormone is produced by each of the small follicles. At Burton we use both of these tests. We will use the results of your "ovarian reserve" tests to individualise your treatment stimulation regimen and allow us to ensure you are prescribed the correct dose of drugs. These tests will also give us an idea of how you will respond to treatment and also the chance of pregnancy and a baby. We may ask that the male partner has a sperm test.